Deep Aquifer Treatment System

Client: Irvine Ranch Water District
Project value: $10.3 million

Pascal & Ludwig performed the construction for
lead Design Engineer Tetra Tech building a
membrane treatment facility capable of producing
8,000 acre-feet of colored groundwater per year. The
project was completed as a Design-Build project for
the Irvine Ranch Water District. The treatment
process consists of chemical pre-treatment,
cartridge filters, high pressure feed pumps, spiral
wound membranes with color and organics rejection
characteristics (nanofiltration), post treatment using
forced air degasifiers and a final product pump
station. The project included equipping two
previously drilled groundwater wells; pipelines and
connections for feed water, product water and
concentrate disposal; a combination masonry and
manufactured metal treatment building; sitework
and landscaping.
Temescal Desalter

Client: Ionics, Inc.
Project value: $11 million

As a member of the Ionics Design-build Team, Pascal
& Ludwig served as Construction Contractor and Tetra
Tech, Inc., as Design Engineer for this new 10-MG
facility. The Temescal Desalter treats local well water
with an RO-decarbonation-disinfection process to
produce high quality product water. After treatment, the
water is then pressurized into the City's water
distribution system. Other design and constructed
feature include on- and off-site connections and
communication and telemetry systems between the
Desalter, wells and Lester Water Treatment Plant.
Well No. 20 Design-Build

Client: City of Upland, Ca
Project value: $700,000

The City of Upland selected our design-build team to
provide necessary services for the construction of Well
No. 20. Responsibilities included desgn and
construction administration for drilling and equipping
the new well. Applications were also made for the
necessary permits, including the Domestic Water
Source Assessment Program (DWSAP) portion of the
State Health Department permit. A 200-p motor was
designed to drive the 1,000-foot deep 1,200 gpm well.
An on-site chlorine generator provided disinfection.
Pascal & Ludwig served as the construction contractor
and Bakersfield Well & Pump was responsible for the
well drilling.
Springdale Reservoir

Client: City of Huntington Beach, Ca.
Project value: $6.3 million

The City of Huntington Beach retained the design-build
team of Pascal & Ludwig and Tetra Tech for design
services in progress for the preparation of construction
plans, specifications and estimates for a new 9 MG
partially buried, conventionally reinforced, hopper-bottom
concrete reservoir. Design features included a wood roof,
site improvements, pump station modification, and minor
modifications to the City's adjacent Peck Reservoir.
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